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Clea Primary School, Keady

Shared Education

Shared Education….what is it?

We are delighted to be involved in a Shared Education project this school year. It is something that will take place over a four year cycle and this year the Primary 2/3 class are the chosen cohort.

The Education Authority in Northern Ireland and Léargas work in partnership to implement the Peace IV Collaboration through Sharing in Education (CASE) programme.

CASE is for primary and secondary schools in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of Ireland. CASE aims to build a culture of good relations among school children and to equip them with the skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a society where the cycle of intolerance is broken and a culture of collaboration and cooperation is the norm. We want to instil in our children that it is our similarities that unite us rather than our differences that divide us. We hope that through the children working together on topics from our chosen curricular areas that they develop a rapport with children they may otherwise never have mixed with.

Our school has linked with Ballybay Central National School and children in P2/3will be working with children from P3-P6 on the topic of Outdoor education with a focus on Activity-Based learning in the areas of STEM and Communication.

We will be meeting up throughout the year to work on various projects together and we look forward to keeping you updated with all that we do through our website, facebook page and newsletters.